Fitness Pets

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Gamify your fitness!

  • Your virtual pet

    Reach daily steps goals and take care of your pet to level up!

  • Minigames

    Probably the most fun you had since the 90's! More steps = score multiplier

  • Achievements

    Keep your your motivation boosted with cool movie and game inspired medals

  • Epic quests!

    Rockets, vulcano's, wizards... time to go fullblown nuts, wooooooot!

  • Pet Interaction

    Take good care of your pet, or it might turn really nasty on you!

  • Activity overviews

    That's right, when you did a lot of steps, just take a peek and feel instagood!

Google Fit integration

  • No manual data entry needed

    Fitness Pets automatically loads in your activity data from the Google Fit app on your phone

  • We care about your privacy

    Data loaded in from Google Fit stays on your device only, and is at no moment transferred or sold to external parties (not now, not in the future)

Meet the pets

Let dog guide you to take your first steps in Fitness Pets!
Dog is very helpful, be sometimes he might be a bit cranky :)

Woohoo, beaver likes to party!
Party together with Beaver and swing your way towards your daily goals!

Not all heroes wear capes... but rabbit does!
Time to fly your way into succes!

Hungry for a real challenge?
Be cool, be brave and burn calories together with lion!

Are you sometimes a bit crazy? Don't worry, alpaca too!
Go on a crazy journey with alpaca towards your daily goals!

What people have to say about Fitness Pets

Why I made Fitness Pets

but why meme visual

· Because my fun with other activity apps was limited
· Because I like cute pets and retrogames
· Because I LOVE to code
· Because the world can use some sillyness
· Because of you, the user